About Us

Cuddles And Puzzles. Where And How Did It All Start 

Well it all started when things did not go to plan. When my full time position came to an sudden end, I thought what am I going to do now, I have a family to support and house hold to run. A head in hands situation.

So I looked at my skills and what am I good at, most importantly what do I enjoy most.

After sometime, looking at different things, applying for jobs I didn’t really want, panicking about the next pay check, A light bulb moment had come.

Build a website on line shop with what you love most. Share your passion with others and give them a chance to have the same experience.

What do I call this shop? Where Do I Find Suppliers? Where Do I Start?

Learning was the key, don’t be afraid, you have the time to do something new even though it was alien. So I did.

What will be the Niche….. MY PASSION … Building/Construction Blocks From A Well Known Stockist. OK what else. Our Collection and Collectibles. Great we getting somewhere.

Look For That Unique Shop Name – Mixing different names and types of actions, what is catchy and what means toys, I put together the company logo..

CUDDLES (All toys that can be loved or give you satisfaction in return).

PUZZLES (Ability to learn and be able to be challenged in many different mentally constructed games, models, puzzles,gadgets.etc).

Perfect CUDDLES AND PUZZLES was born.

Be Creative – I wanted this tag to mean something positive. We can all be creative in different ways. So I wanted to help send that message.

Founded in 2018 –

We are proud to present this on line store to you. As we have put our personal touches to this shop, so we want to do the same in return, offering you the best service we can ever offer in making sure you products reach you in good time and in the condition you expect, complete satisfaction.